Kuvan Kevät / the graduation exhibition of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts / Helsinki / 2015 / photo: Petri Summanen




ALBEDO / 4L8390 / oil on canvas / 200 x 230 cm cm / 2015 / photo: Henna Jula




JADEITE / 6493173 / oil on canvas / 200 x 210 cm / 2015 / photo: Henna Jula




JADEITE / 6493173 / oil on canvas / 200 x 210 cm / 2015 / detail of the work / photo: Henna Jula OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



The themes of my paintings arise from nature. As I paint, I follow the curved organic movement that is constantly striving for equilibrium. The direction and speed of the brush strokes are visible. Between the initial and the end state there are choices, separation, coalescence and all that which lies beyond choice. You cannot determine how dark a season is. Totalities will emerge and dissipate; something falls apart and is simultaneously put together as different things collide on canvas. The reflections of the surface and the depths below create a space. The white background of the canvas is a light that shines through a transparent coat of paint.